About Ana


A newcomer to the burlesque scene, Ana Seethe was born and raised just outside of metropolitan Sydney.

Combining her Tom-Boy attitude with her seventeen years of ballet and jazz ballet (yes, she is a child of the eighties) lessons, Ana has a distinctly cheeky, girly, and very playful stage presence. She loves to laugh, and loves to see, hear and be part of people having a good time.

Off the stage, she can cook a mean lasagne, knit, match your profanities, banter till the cows come home,  then sit down and watch Sci-Fi. Ana will also always find an opportunity to throw in some interpretive dance!

Ana reignited her love of dance and performance a year ago when she joined the Sydney Burlesque Troupe, The Darlings. She was absolutely delighted by the scene, and the ability to put some of those jazz ballet moves into a more age appropriate scenario. She made her solo debut in September 2016, and just loves to be a part of this wonderful mix of individuals that is the Burlesque Scene, completing studies and workshops wherever possible, including Sydney and London.

Ana also tries to attend and support as many shows as she can, as she loves to experience the scene, both on and off stage.  

She loves the scene and The Hawkesbury so much that she is now producing a show on the 3rd June 2017 - Ana Seethe's Exposé - Burlesque and Variety Night - tickets available in link on bottom of page.  Doors open 7pm. 

Dance tuition: -
- Burlesque classes  at Bobbi's Pole Studio - with Diesel Darling, and Baby Blu Bergman
- Pole and Strip Classes at Bobbi's Pole Studio
- The Art of Fan Dancing workshop with BB Bergman
- Tassel Twirling workshop with Satin Spitfire
- Go-Go workshop with Sheena Miss Demeanour 
- Intermediate Short Course in Burlesque - Tempest Rose's House Of Burlesque in London - with Tempest Rose and Bettsie Bon Bon
- 6 Years Pilates Instruction Experience - Over 3000 hours of instructing
- 17 years’ dance tuition – RAD Ballet & Jazz Ballet


- Ana Seethe's Expose - Burlesque and Variety Night - June 3rd 2017

Performances: -

- Stage Kitten - Power Pussies: Cabaret, Burlesque and Circus - Sydney - June 2017
- MC - Ana Seethe - Ana Seethe's Expose - Burlesque and Variety Night - June 2017
- Soloist - Ana Seethe - one act - Ana Seethe's Expose - Burlesque and Variety Night June 2017
- Performed as part of The Darlings at Ana Seethe's Expose - Burlesque and Variety Night - June 2017
- Performed as part of  The Darlings at Burlesque In Hand Glebe - April 2017
- Performed at Dr Sketchy's Sydney - April show with The Darlings
- Stage Kitten – The Comedy Burlesque Hour – Café Lounge Surry Hills Sydney – March 2017
- Soloist - Ana Seethe - two acts - Burlesque In Hand at The Knox Bar Chippendale - February 2017
- Performed as part of Diesel's Darlings (Now The Darlings) Burlesque Troupe at Burlesque In Hand Glebe in the February, April, June, August and October 2016 shows.
- Debuted as Ana Seethe (soloist) in September 2016 Burlesque In Hand Glebe
- Performed and posed at Dr Sketchy's Sydney - December 2016 Christmas show with Diesel's Darlings
- Performed at Red Light Confidential as part of Diesel's Darlings in the April, June, August and November 2016 shows.