Review - Hawkesbury Gazette - 6th June 2017

The inaugural "Ana Seethe's Expos√© - Burlesque and Variety Night" was held on Saturday 3rd of June 2017, and was a great success!   Don't just take my word for it, read the review for yourself.

Hawkesbury Gazette Reminder - 31st May 2017

The Hawkesbury Gazette helped to get behind the show and I can't thank them enough for their coverage (little old me even made front page)! I thank them for understanding what the show was about, for having the right mindset to enjoy it, and for being good sports when they were asked to take the laces out of The Red Duchess' tights ;)

Hawkesbury Gazette Review - 6th June 2017

Again, many thanks to The Hawkesbury Gazette for attending my show, and supporting something new in The Hawkesbury.  Click on the link below to read their review on what it was like attending the show.


Ana Seethe